Paddle Shifter Red

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Paddle Shifters Optimized AMBI Selector:

Paddle Shifters are now available in Blue, Black, Red and FDE. The Paddle Shifter was developed in response to the specific handling needs associated with the popularity of featureless AR rifles. With any featureless stock, the shooter is, by design, forced to keep their thumb on the strong side of the receiver. Because of this design limitation, safely handling a featureless rifle requires an ambidextrous selector. In addressing this issue with our Paddle Shifters, we’ve taken a weakness inherent in most featureless designs and turned it around into something that actually enhances the handling characteristics of not just the Option Zero, but any featureless design. Our Ambidextrous Selector features a “short throw” (45°) and an extra wide and ergonomically contoured CNC machined Aluminum lever. These features combine to not only ensure positive operation by the shooters dominant thumb, but provide a secure and comfortable rest for the thumb. Featureless Rifles equipped with our Option Zero stock and Paddle Shifters Optimized Ambidextrous Selectors represent state of the art technology when it comes to CA compliant rifles. MSRP $59.99