Professional-MCS Black

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We are proud to announce the arrival of our latest tactical AR 15 stock, the Professiona-MCS (Multi-Role Combat System). The Professional-MCS is designed to provide AR 15 shooters with a rock-solid fixed stock that's loaded with features and can be easily installed on any AR 15 equipped with a Mil-Spec Carbine length receiver extension.

Why a fixed stock? The vast majority of AR rifles sold in America today come equipped with a collapsible stock that mounts on a carbine length receiver extension. While collapsible stocks may be convenient, fixed stocks offer many advantages in ergonomics and ease of use. Fixed stocks also help alleviate many of the training difficulties experienced by large agencies while transitioning their officers over to patrol rifles. Fixed stocks can also help mitigate public relations concerns experienced by some urban agencies when their collapsible stock equipped patrol carbines are perceived as looking “too military." Civilian shooters and competitors are also aware that fixed stocks provide a more solid cheek-weld and simply shoot better than collapsible stocks.

Most fixed stocks are very limited in how they address the evolving role of today’s tactical AR15. This is true particularly in their inability to fit the needs of different sized shooters. The PROFESSIONAL-MCS however, is easily configurable and adaptable to any role desired by the shooter. The secret to this is the butt-plate spacers incorporated into the design, which can allow the stock be configured ultra-short (with one or no spacers for SBR or CQB use) all the way to three or four spacers for standard rifle length applications. The stock will ship with four spacers, allowing the shooter to configure their PROFESSIONAL-MCS equipped rifle to best fit any role presented while maintaining commonality of form and function.

The PROFESSIONAL-MCS maintains the ergonomic and tactical features common to all Survivor Systems stocks.

Many Law Enforcement agencies are starting to recognize the obstacles they face in training their officers on how to properly adjust and deploy their collapsible stock in the field. Some have expressed a desire for a fixed stock that they can easily retrofit onto their existing patrol carbines. The PROFESSIONAL-MCS is the stock they are looking for and more. The butt-plate spacers allow for length of pull adjustment that individual officers need to accommodate differences in physical size as well as body armor variances. 

One of the PROFESSIONAL-MCS’s most significant tactical features is its ability to stow a spare magazine on the rifle where it can be accessed instantly. Very few Law Enforcement Officers who deploy patrol rifles are equipped to comfortably carry spare ammunition for their rifle. Load bearing gear, such as a vests, leg pouches or chest rigs require time to deploy. In a fluid situation, where time is a luxury, most officers simply have no option other than to try to remember to stuff an extra magazine in their pocket. They are most likely to have to respond and fight with what is either in or on their rifle.


Rapidly escalating situations, such as active shooter calls or even most home defense situations are most often “come as you are” events. The presence of an extra magazine securely attached to your rifle and instantly available can make the difference between life and death.

Installation: Until now the primary disadvantage of all current after-market fixed stocks is the amount of work required to modify your rifle to accept it, particularly if your rifle came equipped with a carbine length receiver extension. The PROFESSIONAL-MCS on the other hand, installs easily in minutes with a simple hex wrench and no modifications or specialized training required.

The secret to the simplicity of installation is our patent pending design which utilizes the combination of our stock-spacer and set screw to allow rock-solid installation in minutes. Simply slip the flexible stock spacer over the buffer tube, placing it against the castle-nut and slide the PROFESSIONAL-MCS onto the buffer tube until it contacts the stock-spacer. The flexible stock-spacer performs double duty, not only filling in the area around the castle-nut and end-plate but acting as an installation jig which positions the mounting screw into proper alignment with the lock pin detents in the receiver extension. This makes installation simple and eliminates all the guess work out of installation.


Our corporate philosophy of “Does it work better than anything else on the market, and would we run it on our personal rifles?” enters heavily into the design of the PROFESSIONAL-MCS. Rugged, simple and extremely tactical, the PROFESSIONAL-MCS features: 

  • Ergonomic feel! The wide, full length comb and full size over-molded butt-plate make this stock feel rock solid and provides a cheek-weld worthy of any match stock.
  • Adaptability! The adjustable length make this fixed stock adaptable to any role. The two sling mounting points, including an ambidextrous OD limited rotation socket, allow for worry free sling installation.
  • Ruggedness! Our use of glass filled injection molded nylon along with metal hardware make the stock “hard use” rugged.
  • Simple installation! The unique design allows the stock to be mounted with zero guesswork and no modifications to your existing rifle. Simply slide the flexible stock-spacer onto you rifle, install the stock and tighten the set-screw. No specialized tool or training required.
  • Tactical advantage! Most Officers that carry patrol rifles in their vehicles suffer from the same problem, the question of how to accommodate extra magazines while in uniform. In an emergency, they’re likely to just have time to grab their rifle, meaning that they’ll enter the fight armed only with what’s either in or on their rifle. With our stock, the officer will have one magazine in their patrol rifle and a securely held extra magazine on board. Having available on-board spare ammunition could mean the difference between life and death!

The PROFESSIONAL-MCS is available in Black, Flat Dark Earth and Phantom Gray.