The Future of the ar-15 for california

Introducing the most advanced compliant AR15 stock on the market

The "Option Zero" from Survivor Systems, Inc.

Redefining the word "Featureless" !


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1) we started out with a clear goal

We set out to provide California AR-15 owners with a superior FEATURELESS stock system that could be tailored to their individual needs while maintaining compliance with the new state laws that are now in effect!

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2) and the highest standards

Our standard for designing our stock was simple: Does it work better than anything else on the market, and would we run it on our personal rifles?”   The Option Zero, with its patent pending design,  has met our standards and exceeded even our highest expectations!

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3) to produce the most advanced featureless stock on the market!

Interchangeable "length of pull spacers" (LOP) allow you to set the length of pull to meet your individual needs (between 12-7/8" - 14-1/4"). This will insure that no shooters feel left out, regardless of their needs.

The on-board extra-magazine storage creates a serious tactical advantage in states such as CA, which limit magazine capacity to 10rds.  Remember, in an emergency, you will likely need to rely on what's either in, or on the rifle!



Available in Flat Dark Earth !

We just finished our first run of FDE Option Zero! The most advanced CA compliant stock on the market is now available in this popular color



Paddle Shifters are now available

Introducing the first AR15 selector designed with the featureless rifle in mind. Our Paddle Shifters feature a short 45 degree throw and extra wide, contoured levers that can be used as a thumb rest when operating any “featureless” AR.  We call them “OPTIMIZED AMBI SELECTORS” because they offer the perfect balance of accessibility and comfort, giving the shooter the optimum level of control.



OEM Partners

Click on the button below to read the latest news regarding OEM partners that will be offering Option Zero equipped rifles in CA!

There will be some very nice "featureless" rifles available for CA shooters from these forward thinking manufacturers!

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designed to duplicate the ergonomic and tactical features of the OPTION ZERO, but in a collapsible version intended for Law Enforcement, Military Personnel and Shooters who live in non-restricted States. 

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TACTICAL Advantage!

In a rapidly escalating situation, such as being a first-responder on an active shooter call, the presence of an extra 20 rounds securely attached to your rifle and instantly available, can make the difference between life and death.

OPTION ZERO features and installation

Watch as we go over some of the features of the OPTION ZERO system as well as Installation and Removal of the stock.  As you'll notice, the OPTION ZERO featureless stock is packed full of features and is by far the most advanced CA Compliant AR15 stock on the market!

the OPTION ZERO in Action!

Here is our Sales Rep Joe Winter from the Evans Group running the OPTION ZERO for the first time, showing some really smooth handling for a southpaw! As you can see, the OPTION ZERO is very intuitive to use and doesn't require much time to get used to. After a few rounds it's as if it was the only AR you'd ever run!  Please follow the link on the menu above to read more about the OPTION ZERO

Running the OPTION ZERO

You'll notice that the OPTION ZERO is just as controllable and easy to use left handed as it is right handed.  The spacer adjustable length of pull means that it's comfortable to shoot regardless of shooter size.  The on-board spare magazine means that you always have a spare mag at your fingertips!  Finally, you can have a CA compliant AR15 with genuine tactical ability!  Please follow the link on the menu above to read more about the OPTION ZERO

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