All of us at Survivor Systems are proud to announce OEM partnerships with the following manufacturers:

Springfield Armory:   Springfield was the first company to announce a CA featureless rifle using our Option Zero Stock as its foundation for CA compliance.   Springfield quickly recognized the benefits of our system and announced at the 2017 SHOT SHOW that they would be building a SAINT for the CA market that featured an Option Zero stock, dual chamber muzzle brake and a 45 degree ambi selector.  MSRP is $998.00




Lewis Machine and Tool:  LMT is going to be offering an Option Zero equipped rifle later this summer. It’s still remains to be seen exactly what the configuration will look like, but I think we can assume that it’ll look similar to this Piston equipped, monolithic rail platform CQB-PS16.  There are even rumors that they might offer a model with their fully ambidextrous MARS lower!  Expect prices to start at about $2200.00







Sionics Weapons Systems: Tucson based manufacturer Sionics has been making top-notch AR’s for a while. Their rifles have achieved quite a bit of recognition in the L.E. community. We got a chance to shoot one recently and we were left quite impressed. 

They build a rifle that’s refreshingly free of gimmicks, but is simply built to the highest standards.  Features such as NP3 bolt carrier, H buffer, 1:8 (Chrome Lined, Air-Gauged, Radiograph and MP Inspected) barrel and enhanced trigger group make these real “shooters” rifles.  Look for various models to become available in CA compliant form with prices topping out at $1700-$1800.  

If you are a manufacturer, and you're interested in becoming an OEM partner, please contact us at 310-531-8987 or email info@survivorsystems.com