The Professionl-MCS
Join our factory rep Joe as he gets some initial trigger time with the Survivor Systems Professional-MCS. MCS stands for Multi-Role Combat System and is a fixed stock that installs on any Mil--Spec Carbine length receiver extension with no modifications. The on-board magazine and adjustable length of pull make this fixed stock revolutionary.




 "The reload...reloaded".... proper technique for reloading from the stock.



The Professional
our newest offering, a Mil-Spec collapsible stock that is chocked full of tactical features... including on-board spare magazine storage!



The OPTION ZERO in Action!

Here is our Sales Rep Joe Winter from the Evans Group running the OPTION ZERO for the first time, showing some really smooth handling for a southpaw! As you can see, the OPTION ZERO is very intuitive to use and doesn't require much time to get used to. After a few rounds it's as if it was the only AR you'd ever run!  Please follow the link on the menu above to read more about the OPTION ZERO

Running the OPTION ZERO

You'll notice that the OPTION ZERO is just as controllable and easy to use left handed as it is right handed.  The spacer adjustable length of pull means that it's comfortable to shoot regardless of shooter size.  The on-board spare magazine means that you always have a spare mag at your fingertips!  Finally, you can have a CA compliant AR15 with genuine tactical ability!  Please follow the link on the menu above to read more about the OPTION ZERO


Shooting the Option Zero  

Showing a few more angles of both Right Handed and Left Handed shooters running the Option Zero CA compliant stock




This video demonstrates how to correctly install the Option Zero stock and Paddle Shifters selectors.